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Mattea Conforti on Working with Zachary Quinto in NOS4A2 & Playing Both Elsa and Anna in Frozen

June 30th, 2020

Mattea Conforti, who just turned 14, already has a hefty resumé. Making her Broadway debut in the title role in Matilda, Conforti went on to appear in Sunday in the Park with George as Louise/Rayne and Frozen as Young Anna. Now, the young star is wowing audiences as Millie Manx in AMC’s NOS4A2, which is based on Joe Hill’s horror drama novel of the same name. Conforti appeared on’s #LiveatFive: Home Edition to talk all about her time on Broadway and her Halloween costume that came true.”

Mattea Conforti in “NOS4A2”
(Photo: AMC)

In NOS4A2, Conforti appears opposite Zachary Quinto—the two play a supernatural father/daughter duo. “On and off set, [Quinto] is such a professional actor,” Conforti said to Paul Wontorek. “He can get serious when he needs to be, but he’s also silly and goofy. He’s so talented; I learn a lot.”

Although the show is filled with supernatural suspense, Conforti says you wouldn’t know it on the set. “I remember watching the show last night, and it was nothing how I remembered filming,” she said. “When you’re filming the show, there are all these visual effects that go into editing later that you don’t see. You have to use your imagination to really get into character; it’s so different seeing it on the big screen.”

Conforti was first seen on the Broadway stage as Matilda, and it’s all thanks to an open call. “We didn’t even have an appointment to go audition for Matilda,” she said. “We just went for a dance open call. We weren’t even focused on singing because the most singing experience I had at the time was singing in the shower. I just wanted to do what I love and be on stage. I did Matilda for a year and a half and and when I was done I was like, ‘What’s next?’ I wanted to be back on stage and do more.”

It didn’t take long for Conforti’s wish to come true and soon enough she was back on Broadway. “I was overlapping the Frozen lab and Matilda at the same time—doing the lab during the day and then the show at night,” she said. “Once I finished up the Frozen lab, I went into Sunday in the Park with George. I’m very lucky to have been able to work with the actors I’ve been with. I would want to work with is Lin-Manuel Miranda in the future. He’s done so much, and I feel like that I can really learn from him because he’s so experienced.”

Having been with Frozen since the very beginning, Conforti has a great attachment to the young princesses of Arendelle. She played both Young Anna on Broadway and was the voice of Young Elsa in Frozen 2. “I was a huge fan of the movie—I would dress up in Elsa costumes and Anna dresses for Halloween,” she said. “I would’ve never thought that at seven years old I could be a Disney princess. Anna and Elsa are such a dynamic duo. I don’t really have a favorite just because they’re so different to compare. Each one brings new things to the table that I liked to work with with filming and doing the Broadway show. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do, and I’m very lucky.”

Hear Conforti talk about working with Elle Fanning and more in the full episode below!