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Chip Coffey on Communicating with Spirits and How His Life Compares to Ghost the Musical

Chip Coffey is an acclaimed psychic and medium based in Atlanta whose work has been seen on TV's Paranormal State. Although many mediums complain that pop culture has fueled misconceptions about their skills, the author of Growing Up Psychic says the experiences of Oda Mae Brown (played by Carla R. Stewart) in Ghost the Musical are greatly similar to his own. Below, Coffey talks about tapping into the other side, what he wishes people understood about psychics, and why he loves Oda Mae.

How do you describe your abilities?
I am a psychic and a medium. Psychics are able to access information and energy that cannot be received through the five human senses. Mediums are able to communicate with other realms or dimensions. Most mediums speak with the souls of those who once lived here on the planet and are now deceased.

Do you need speak with someone in person to do a reading, or can you pick up information by reading the news?
When I conduct readings for my clients, I do need to access their “energy” in some way. I am able to do telephone readings, using their voice as the source of energy. I sometimes receive intuitive information about people that I see in the media or meet randomly in public places, but that does not occur very often.

Do spirits seek you out, or do you only connect with those who have a relationship with the people you read for?
Spirits do not often seek me out. Usually, I must be focusing my attention on communicating with the spirit world in order to receive information or messages. I have made agreements with my spirit guides, asking them to keep me protected from a constant onslaught of messages from the spirit world.

What are some common myths and misconceptions about your abilities?
Lots of people believe that psychics know everything! News flash: We do not! We are privy to lots of information, but we are not all-knowing and all-seeing. That’s above our pay grade! I cannot provide you with winning lottery numbers and I can’t read your mind.

How would you compare your experiences with the story of Ghost the Musical? Are they at all similar?
The way that the spirit realm is depicted in Ghost, particularly the ways spirits communicate with the living, is eerily accurate. Unlike Oda Mae, I don’t typically have spirits like Sam pleading with me to deliver messages to their loved ones. By the way, I love the character of Oda Mae! She is spunky and has a great zest for life, much like me.

What do you hope to accomplish through your readings and by sharing your gifts with others?
My overall goal is to provide my clients with comfort and healing.

You believe in God, but do you also believe in concepts like fate and destiny? Do you see them as separate things, or are they related?
I do have an unwavering belief in God and I do believe everything that occurs is meant to happen. God knows best. We may cry out, “Why me? Why this? Why now?” and the answers may never come, but that’s when our faith must be the strongest. Our own free will, combined with God’s will, is the framework of our lives.

If you do believe in fate or destiny, what role do you think your talents have with those concepts?
I believe that some things are destined to happen in our lives. There are things that will occur, no matter what—like points on our life maps that we must visit. But we also have free will to choose which paths to take. And sometimes, I believe that my spiritual advice can help to guide others in making better choices as they travel that sometimes rocky road called life.

See Ghost the Musical at the Fox Theatre from November 5 through 10.

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